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We provide a complete passion led digital service.

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What Makes Us Different

As standard, our objective is to provide an outstanding service, alongside our vision that visual simplicity ensures easy of use our bespoke, built to your requirements applications with invaluable functionality.

Graphic Design

Our wealth of experience within both print and digital design, we are able to provide a complete inclusive all-round service of graphic design.

Web Apps

We design and build online applications that increase productivity by streamlining operations, whilst providing organisations with real-time data overview.


Using our great passion for all things digital, will stride to provide companies with the latest advances in web design, alongside online design trends.

Our Work

Highspeed Application

A large online data management application with an extensive visual output.

This application was developed to provide a solution to surveying the vegetation standards of the HS1 railway route (67 miles).

Using a custom built dynamic data capture tool, surveyors were able to input vegetation data whilst travelling along the route.

This data was then analysed and filtered into an annual plan of works, providing a complete overview of the years work.

  • Built in 2011
  • Renewed each year to present (2019)
  • Desktop & Mobile Ready
GuardCheck Security Tool

An application which provides guards with the ability to check-in and out of shifts, alongside advance location tracking and facial recognition.

The guards onsite are required to check-in by uploading a headshot, alongside a photo of their license. From here the location of the headshot, license and phone are compared to a pre-determined site GPS spot, ensuring accuracy and site security.

Once the application was established and embedded within the guards daily routine, we upgraded the software to include facial recognition. This feature compares the headshot with a pre-approved headshot database, whislt providing a score of likeability.

  • Built in 2016 and in continual use
  • Advanced Facial & Number Recognition
  • Android & iOS Ready
Risk Management Software

An online e-risk reporting and management tool.

This risk management application provides risk managers with the ability to assign risks to departments and employees, who are in-turn are able to submit risk events, in the forms of near misses, minor and major events.

The simplistic user-friendly design helps drive familiarity with the users, promoting use of the application and ensuring all events are captured.

As of 2019, this software now hold three years of reported data, providing an easy to find, visual database of risk events.

  • Built in 2017
  • Global Software, used in London, Dublin, New York & Boston
  • Desktop & Mobile Ready

About Us

in 2011

Essex, CM13

22 minutes from
Central London

Our strong foundation has formed from our core values, to provide a personal, accountable service with products that empower businesses to grow and achive their objectives.

Since 2011, we have seen digital mediums envolve into essential products to ensure businesses run as efficiently as possible.

We started with the foundation of graphic design, then transitioned and evolved with the early 2012 demand for more digital resources. From there we have had great success in delivering an array of products, from branding, web design to online web applications.

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