Generate Brand Awareness & Understanding through Visuals.

The trend of using infographics to create awareness of your business, whether you’re selling a product, service or data has become ever increasingly important. The visual advertisement can be fun, eye-catching and not intrusive.

Although data and statistics can be very black and white, Visually Minded have the experience and resource to create informative and aesthetically pleasing infographics that have a underlying story.

Every business or product has a unique selling-point, we help find this specific quality which in turns enhances your chances to attract the correct target audience with the help of visually appealing infographics designs.

Static infographics

Currently the most popular form of infographic, the static infographic can easily be posted to various social media channels and printed. The ability to seamlessly share your infographic connects your business with a wide range of users globally.

Interactive infographics

An interactive infographic is a great way to set yourself apart from your competitors. Using the latest technologies; statistics can animate, reveal and interact tirelessly with the various audiences allowing a more in-depth connection. This method can be viewed from mobile, tablets and desktop browsers. Were static infographics cannot be updated, interactive infographics can be built alongside a bespoke content management system (CMS) allowing account managers to simply update statistics without having to use a third party providing your audience with real-time data.

Let's talk infographics!